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Twitter for trading

Twitter has fundamentally changed how news are created and distributed. Now, it’s poised to change how traders can use tweets to gain an edge in the market. Take the most of this opportunity with the Gambiste data set, the only free most tweeted stock long term ratings.

The data challenge

Trading directly off the Twitter firehose is not easy. Every day, half a billion new tweets are published from more than 330 million active accounts (Q4 2017). Tweets are often fragmented with loosely controlled formats, filled with acronyms, hashtags. Filtering through that massive volume of noisy data is nearly impossible without help from natural language processing, a set of powerful machine-learning techniques.

Even after content is understood and mentioned and entities are properly recognized, making the first move toward a tweet that has not been validated presents significant risk. This risk may only be rewarded if the larger market subsequently wakes up to the same call. The likelihood of this “awakening” is determined by many factors, including credibility, novelty and newsworthiness — all of which are extremely difficult to determine on the spot.

Filter the noise

Taking a measured, efficient approach to consuming Twitter content is necessary to overcome the persistent hurdles.

Different steps of the process, such as content filters, named-entity recognition, topic classification, knowledge base, etc., must be properly developed to collectively achieve this goal. Gambiste facilitates this task by providing a unique data point.

Named-entity recognition, for instance, can connect relevant information from unstructured Twitter text to a company name or ticker symbol. It’s valuable when the string doesn’t explicitly give the company name, but tags, instead, a notable person or product of interest. Gambiste uses the ticker symbol has stock global identifier.


Details on the data Feed

Gambiste delivers a  compact, curated Twitter aggregated Indicator that employs complex algorithms to scan the Twitter universe for high-quality, newsworthy tweets. The feed curates less than 0.1% content from the original half-billion-tweet-per-day unfiltered firehose, delivering content that is most relevant to the financial community. This curated content is winnowed from more than 60 languages and an ever-changing list of contributors. Raw tweets are enriched with derived information, filtered, gauged and aggregated to provide the Gambiste long term market weighted indicator.

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Successful implementation of an automated system for curated feeds can turn Twitter from simply a popular news outlet to a key source of alpha, Gambiste helps you by identifying the stocks to follow every day.

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