Gambiste Stock Ratings

Discover the most hyped stocks on Twitter. Since 2015, we deliver the best free stock ratings, a long term market cap weighted rating.  Gambiste rates the volume of message on a list of US listed stocks on social media with a proprietary algorithm. Find out more on our algorithms in this article. Gambiste ratings are not investment advices. 


RankSymbolRatingNameScore3 Months PerfCreation date
1NKLAAAANikola Corporation - Common Stock100.00002022-04-11
2TLRYAAATilray, Inc. - Class 2 Common Stock99.98302020-03-03
3PLRXAAAPliant Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock99.90802023-03-12
4HRTAAAHireRight Holdings Corporation Common Stock99.87702023-03-16
5ARHSAAAArhaus, Inc. - Class A Common Stock99.84802023-03-16
6TMDXAAATransMedics Group, Inc. - Common Stock99.83702023-03-16
7CRDOAAACredo Technology Group Holding Ltd - Ordinary Sha99.79702023-03-21
8FSLYAA+Fastly, Inc. Class A Common Stock99.78202023-03-18
9TITNAA+Titan Machinery Inc. - Common Stock99.74402023-01-09
10SHCAA+Sotera Health Company - Common Stock99.72902023-03-16
11EAFAA+GrafTech International Ltd. Common Stock99.70502023-03-16
12RETAAA+Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Class A Common Stoc99.67502023-03-16
13WNCAA+Wabash National Corporation Common Stock99.65902023-03-16
14CLHAA+Clean Harbors, Inc. Common Stock99.62902023-03-16
15XPELAA+XPEL, Inc. - Common Stock99.57202023-03-16
16REPLAA+Replimune Group, Inc. - Common Stock99.53002023-03-16
18NBRAA+Nabors Industries Ltd.99.46302023-03-21
17FGENAA+FibroGen, Inc - Common Stock99.46302023-03-21
19BOWLAA+Bowlero Corp. Class A Common Stock99.45902023-03-22
20PDAAPagerDuty, Inc. Common Stock99.45302023-03-22
21RYTMAARhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock99.43402023-03-18
22CRWDAACrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. - Class A Common Stock99.42802023-03-17
23CHGGAAChegg, Inc. Common Stock99.42502023-03-16
24GFFAAGriffon Corporation Common Stock99.42202023-03-16
25VTYXAAVentyx Biosciences, Inc. - Common Stock99.41302023-03-16
26GETYAAGetty Images Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock99.39302023-03-16
27ZIPAAZipRecruiter, Inc. Class A Common Stock99.35802023-03-16
28ATATAAAtour Lifestyle Holdings Limited - American Depos99.30002023-03-21
29SNDXAASyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock99.29602023-03-21
30FTSAAFortis Inc. Common Shares99.28802023-03-21
31IMCRAAImmunocore Holdings plc - American Depositary Sha99.27002023-03-22
32MSGEAAMadison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. Class A99.25602023-03-22
33VRDNAA-Viridian Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock99.25102023-03-22
34ARQTAA-Arcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc. - Common stock99.15502023-03-17
35BANCAA-Banc of California, Inc. Common Stock99.14602023-03-15
36KURAAA-Kura Oncology, Inc. - Common Stock99.14202023-03-16
37EPRAA-EPR Properties Common Stock99.13002023-03-17
38ALVAA-Autoliv, Inc. Common Stock99.09902023-03-17
39ZGAA-Zillow Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock99.07902023-03-16
40HPKAA-HighPeak Energy, Inc. - Common Stock99.05502023-03-16
41BMBLAA-Bumble Inc. - common stock99.00302023-03-21
42CMREAA-Costamare Inc. Common Stock $0.0001 par value99.00302023-03-16
43CUTRAA-Cutera, Inc. - Common Stock98.99202023-03-21
44LXUAA-LSB Industries, Inc. Common Stock98.97202023-03-16
45HIBBAA-Hibbett Sports, Inc. - Common Stock98.96102023-03-22
46NEA+Noble Corporation Ordinary Shares (UK)98.95002023-03-17
47SGHCA+Super Group (SGHC) Limited Ordinary Shares98.90302023-03-17
48FTAIA+Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Invest98.89602023-03-16
49NYTA+New York Times Company (The) Common Stock98.88302023-03-19
50BBIOA+BridgeBio Pharma, Inc. - Common Stock98.83702023-03-16
51PLNTA+Planet Fitness, Inc. Common Stock98.77802023-03-16
52NAMSA+NewAmsterdam Pharma Company N.V. - Ordinary Share98.71202023-03-21
53SANMA+Sanmina Corporation - Common Stock98.71202023-03-20
54ENRA+Energizer Holdings, Inc. Common Stock98.70902023-03-21
55RXRXA+Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Class A Common 98.70402023-03-17
56MCRBA+Seres Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock98.68002023-03-21
57SNEXA+StoneX Group Inc. - Common Stock98.65402023-03-19
58MERCAMercer International Inc. - Common Stock98.63902023-03-16
59MNSOAMINISO Group Holding Limited American Depositary 98.63002023-03-17
60ESTAAEstablishment Labs Holdings Inc. - Common Shares98.61202023-03-18
61SDGRASchrodinger, Inc. - Common Stock98.60202023-03-21
62SAGEASage Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock98.58202023-03-16
63DNUTAKrispy Kreme, Inc. - Common Stock98.57102023-03-20
64UPWKAUpwork Inc. - Common Stock98.54702023-03-16
65PCHAPotlatch Corporation - Common Stock98.53202023-03-20
66CXMASprinklr, Inc. Class A Common Stock98.53102023-03-16
67ANGIAAngie's List, Inc. - Common Stock98.51802023-03-16
68HOLIAHollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd. - Common S98.50802023-03-21
69MUSAAMurphy USA Inc. Common Stock98.36702023-03-21
70FRAFirst Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. Common Stock98.32602023-03-21
71PCVXA-Vaxcyte, Inc. - Common Stock98.31402023-03-22
72WSTA-West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Common Stock98.30702023-03-17
73TRA-Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Common Stock98.23102023-03-18
74MODGA-Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. Common Stock98.19202023-03-16
75OXMA-Oxford Industries, Inc. Common Stock98.18602023-03-19
76BLA-BlackLine, Inc. - Common Stock98.17402023-03-20
77INVAA-Innoviva, Inc. - Common Stock98.16102023-03-17
78LOGIA-Logitech International S.A. - Registered Shares98.15602023-03-20
79AMWLA-American Well Corporation Class A Common Stock98.11302023-03-21
80ZLABA-Zai Lab Limited - American Depositary Shares98.08902023-03-21
81ARVNA-Arvinas, Inc. - Common Stock98.07802023-03-20
82LZBA-La-Z-Boy Incorporated Common Stock98.05402023-03-21
83SITMBBB+SiTime Corporation - Common Stock98.04902023-03-17
84ALLGBBB+Allego N.V. Ordinary Share97.98802023-03-20
85TUYABBB+Tuya Inc. American Depositary Shares, each repres97.96802023-03-22
86MGIBBB+Moneygram International, Inc. - Common Stock97.96802023-03-22
87LEGNBBB+Legend Biotech Corporation - American Depositary 97.964-4.32023-03-14
88EABBB+Electronic Arts Inc. - Common Stock97.94302023-03-16
89RYANBBB+Ryan Specialty Group Holdings, Inc. Class A Commo97.94002023-03-20
90PROKBBB+ProKidney Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares97.93902023-03-21
91CARGBBB+CarGurus, Inc. - Class A Common Stock97.91602023-03-17
92ATENBBB+A10 Networks, Inc. Common Stock97.91502023-03-17
93CPRIBBB+Capri Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares97.89602023-03-21
94HEESBBB+H&E Equipment Services, Inc. - Common Stock97.85302023-03-21
95CCRNBBB+Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. - Common Stock97.83402023-03-22
96HRMYBBBHarmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock97.82202023-03-22
97LESLBBBLeslie's, Inc. - Common Stock97.80502023-03-18
98RCMBBBR1 RCM Inc. - Common Stock97.78202023-03-22 Inc. Common Stock 97.74102023-03-21
100MMSBBBMaximus, Inc. Common Stock97.73902023-03-18
101GESBBBGuess?, Inc. Common Stock97.71902023-03-17
102PDMBBBPiedmont Office Realty Trust, Inc. Class A Common97.68702023-03-22
103JPMBBBJP Morgan Chase & Co. Common Stock97.60602023-03-17
104FMSBBBFresenius Medical Care AG Common Stock97.59302023-03-16
105ERJBBBEmbraer S.A. Common Stock97.55102023-03-17
106AZEKBBBThe AZEK Company Inc. Class A Common Stock97.53302023-03-16
107AEMBBBAgnico Eagle Mines Limited Common Stock97.45402023-03-14
108RXOBBBRXO, Inc. Common Stock97.32802023-03-21
109DECKBBB-Deckers Outdoor Corporation Common Stock97.27802023-03-17
110VVNTBBB-Vivint Smart Home, Inc. 97.27302023-03-22
111CALXBBB-Calix, Inc Common Stock97.24402023-03-17
112WRBYBBB-Warby Parker Inc. Class A Common Stock97.24302023-03-18
113DENBBB-Denbury Inc. Common Stock97.16502023-03-18
114CRUSBBB-Cirrus Logic, Inc. - Common Stock97.15402023-03-20
115CWKBBB-Cushman & Wakefield plc Ordinary Shares97.15002023-03-21
116CORTBBB-Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated - Common Stock97.09302023-03-21
117PTENBBB-Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc. - Common Stock97.09102023-03-08
118NWNBBB-Northwest Natural Gas Company Common Stock97.08702023-03-21
119BNLBBB-Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. Class A Common Stock97.08502023-03-22
120SJWBBB-SJW Group Common Stock (DE)97.07802023-03-20
121MRVLBB+Marvell Technology Group Ltd. - Common Stock97.02902023-03-22
122PZZABB+Papa John's International, Inc. - Common Stock97.01602023-03-21
123IMGOBB+Imago BioSciences, Inc. - Common stock96.99802023-03-22
124HAYWBB+Hayward Holdings, Inc. Common Stock96.95302023-03-17
125MSEXBB+Middlesex Water Company - Common Stock96.94602023-03-17
126BRFSBB+BRF S.A.96.94502023-03-19
127WBSBB+Webster Financial Corporation Common Stock96.92502023-03-17
128ANDEBB+The Andersons, Inc. - Common Stock96.92402023-03-22
129OZKBB+Bank OZK - Common Stock96.90802023-03-17
130SMTCBB+Semtech Corporation - Common Stock96.90102023-03-21
131ECPGBB+Encore Capital Group Inc - Common Stock96.87702023-03-18
132FORGBB+ForgeRock, Inc. Class A Common Stock96.75602023-03-22
133MDRXBB+Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. - common st96.74202023-03-07
134MTZBBMasTec, Inc. Common Stock96.58702023-03-22
135KRTXBBKaruna Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock96.49302023-03-19
136RCIIBBRent-A-Center Inc. - Common Stock96.42802023-03-17
137ALKSBBAlkermes plc - Ordinary Shares96.39302023-03-18
138TSEMBBTower Semiconductor Ltd. - Ordinary Shares96.36102023-03-17
139UNVRBBUnivar Inc. Common Stock96.29702023-03-17
140YMMBBFull Truck Alliance Co. Ltd. American Depositary 96.24602023-03-18
141MXLBBMaxLinear, Inc. Common Stock96.15502023-03-17
142UDMYBBUdemy, Inc. - Common Stock96.13502023-03-17
143TWNKBBHostess Brands, Inc. - Class A Common Stock96.13002023-03-19
144EVHBBEvolent Health, Inc Class A Common Stock96.11702023-03-21
145NAPABBThe Duckhorn Portfolio, Inc. Common Stock96.07202023-03-18
146UTZBB-Utz Brands Inc Class A Common Stock 96.06202023-03-18
147CFRBB-Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. Common Stock96.04702023-03-18
148MLIBB-Mueller Industries, Inc. Common Stock96.02002023-03-18
149INSMBB-Insmed, Inc. - Common Stock96.00302023-03-22
150GMEDBB-Globus Medical, Inc. Class A Common Stock95.93802023-03-18
151DMLPBB-Dorchester Minerals, L.P. - Common Units Represen95.89602023-03-18
152CSLBB-Carlisle Companies Incorporated Common Stock95.838-5.932023-03-19
153BRBRBB-BellRing Brands, Inc. Class A Common Stock95.76202023-03-17
154VRNSBB-Varonis Systems, Inc. - Common Stock95.75502023-03-17
155TRUPBB-Trupanion, Inc. - Common Stock95.74002023-03-20
156UCTTBB-Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock95.69602023-03-18
157NUSBB-Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock95.69402023-03-20
158TBBKBB-The Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock95.67102023-03-20
159ITCIB+Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc. - Common Stock95.56802023-03-22
160NCNOB+nCino, Inc. - Common Stock95.49202023-03-18
161TRTNB+Triton International Limited Common Shares95.41602023-03-18
162NFGB+National Fuel Gas Company Common Stock95.38602023-03-18
163NXSTB+Nexstar Media Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock95.35502023-03-18
164BERYB+Berry Global Group, Inc. Common Stock95.10502023-03-18
165FANGB+Diamondback Energy, Inc. - Commmon Stock95.07802023-03-18
166SEEB+Sealed Air Corporation Common Stock95.07102023-03-18
167BVNB+Buenaventura Mining Company Inc.94.97802023-03-18
168SAIAB+Saia, Inc. - Common Stock94.68902023-03-20
169BZB+KANZHUN LIMITED - American Depository Shares94.67602023-03-18
170NWTNB+NWTN Inc. - Class B Ordinary Shares94.58502023-03-18
171BLCOB+Bausch + Lomb Corporation Common Shares94.47902023-03-17
172AWRBAmerican States Water Company Common Stock94.46902023-03-22
173SYMBSymbotic Inc. - Class A Common Stock94.44302023-03-21
174IMKTABIngles Markets, Incorporated - Class A Common Sto94.39802023-03-18
175ZGNBErmenegildo Zegna N.V. Ordinary Shares94.32202023-03-18
176SYNHBSyneos Health, Inc. - Class A Common Stock94.14602023-03-18
177AZTABAzenta, Inc. - Common Stock94.09202023-03-18
178AMGBAffiliated Managers Group, Inc. Common Stock93.95502023-03-18
179CIVIBCivitas Solutions, Inc. Common Stock93.84702023-03-18
180NVEIBNuvei Corporation - Subordinate Voting Shares93.81502023-03-17
181ELPBCompanhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL) Common St93.47902023-03-21
182WMSBAdvanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Common Stock93.41402023-03-18
183HIWBHighwoods Properties, Inc. Common Stock93.40602023-03-20
184CVEB-Cenovus Energy Inc Common Stock93.13202023-03-18
185WMGB-Warner Music Group Corp. - Class A Common Stock93.12802023-03-22
186BAHB-Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation Common St93.07602023-03-18
187GWREB-Guidewire Software, Inc. Common Stock92.99102023-03-22
188AGTIB-Agiliti, Inc. Common Stock92.515-12.012023-03-18
189HSYB-The Hershey Company Common Stock92.47802023-03-18
190BROB-Brown & Brown, Inc. Common Stock92.27102023-03-18
191PAGB-Penske Automotive Group, Inc. Common Stock92.13302023-03-17
192HPQB-HP Inc. Common Stock91.98302023-03-20
193FNBB-F.N.B. Corporation Common Stock91.94702023-03-21
194PCORB-Procore Technologies, Inc. Common Stock91.91702023-03-20
195DLBB-Dolby Laboratories Common Stock91.89002023-03-21
196COHUB-Cohu, Inc. - Common Stock91.80402023-03-17
197GILCCC+Gildan Activewear, Inc. Class A Sub. Vot. Common 91.72002023-03-22
198NJRCCC+NewJersey Resources Corporation Common Stock91.57102023-03-18
199IEXCCC+IDEX Corporation Common Stock91.31702023-03-18
200GPKCCC+Graphic Packaging Holding Company91.18502023-03-21
201CDAYCCC+Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. Common Stock90.91602023-03-17
202INGRCCC+Ingredion Incorporated Common Stock90.74002023-03-18
203GEFCCC+Greif Inc. Class A Common Stock90.71302023-03-17
204RLICCC+RLI Corp. Common Stock90.69002023-03-18
205VMICCC+Valmont Industries, Inc. Common Stock90.52002023-03-16
206AIMCCCC+Altra Industrial Motion Corp. - Common Stock90.42802023-03-18
207OGSCCC+ONE Gas, Inc. Common Stock90.20502023-03-07
208TDYCCC+Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Common Stock89.98702023-03-22
209FIZZCCCNational Beverage Corp. - Common Stock89.97302023-03-22
210BKHCCCBlack Hills Corporation Common Stock89.87902023-03-22
211NWSCCCNews Corporation - Class B Common Stock89.8276.672023-03-18
212WFGCCCWest Fraser Timber Co. Ltd Common stock89.64002023-03-18
213YNDXCCCYandex N.V. - Class A Ordinary Shares89.11202023-03-18
214TWCCCTradeweb Markets Inc. - Class A Common Stock89.03402023-03-17
215HTHTCCCChina Lodging Group, Limited - American Depositar89.00502023-03-17
216TMUSCCCT-Mobile US, Inc. - Common Stock88.87802023-03-18
217ABCMCCCAbcam plc - American Depositary Shares88.67902023-03-17
218TYLCCCTyler Technologies, Inc. Common Stock88.20102023-03-18
219CASYCCCCaseys General Stores, Inc. - Common Stock88.16502023-03-17
220SNVCCCSynovus Financial Corp. Common Stock88.04202023-03-19
221YUMCCCCYum China Holdings, Inc. Common Stock87.71602023-03-20
222BSYCCC-Bentley Systems, Incorporated - Class B Common St87.65002023-03-20
223DAVACCC-Endava plc American Depositary Shares (each repre87.40102023-03-19
224COLMCCC-Columbia Sportswear Company - Common Stock87.21802023-03-18
226UHSCCC-Universal Health Services, Inc. Common Stock86.49402023-03-21
227PCTYCCC-Paylocity Holding Corporation - Common Stock85.65702023-03-18
228SSNCCCC-SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock84.11102023-03-17
229GLPICCC-Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. - Common Stoc84.07902023-03-18
230LBTYACCC-Liberty Global plc - Class A Ordinary Shares83.43902023-03-16
231DCICCC-Donaldson Company, Inc. Common Stock83.38002023-03-16
232CNXCCCC-CNX Coal Resources LP Common Units representing l83.27502023-03-14
233RGENCCC-Repligen Corporation - Common Stock83.25002023-03-14
234ARGXCCC-argenx SE - American Depositary Shares83.23302023-03-11
235HESMCCHess Midstream Partners LP Common Units Represent82.75602023-03-18
236USFDCCUS Foods Holding Corp. Common Stock82.656-2.612023-03-19
237IFFCCInternationa Flavors & Fragrances, Inc. Common St81.83402023-03-20
238HQYCCHealthEquity, Inc. - Common Stock81.75902023-03-16
239CHKPCCCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd. - Ordinary81.67902023-03-18
240METCCMetLife, Inc. Common Stock80.07202023-03-17
241KBRCCKBR, Inc. Common Stock79.60502023-03-17
242LNTCCAlliant Energy Corporation Common Stock76.31102022-11-20
243CDWCCCDW Corporation - Common Stock75.54502023-02-09
244AZPNCCAspen Technology, Inc. - Common Stock73.81502023-03-05
245REXRCCRexford Industrial Realty, Inc. Common Stock71.10002023-03-12
246ANSSCCANSYS, Inc. - Common Stock69.91602022-11-04
247EWBCDEast West Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock68.07902023-03-22
248PKXDPOSCO Common Stock65.47102023-01-24
249FERGDFerguson plc Ordinary Shares63.11702023-03-19
250PARAADParamount Global - Class A Common Stock51.55602023-01-31
251WTWDWillis Towers Watson Public Limited Company - Ord49.58702022-10-08
252ZTODZTO Express (Cayman) Inc. American Depositary Sha43.56702023-02-04

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