Gambiste delivered a new release, this require a high amount of efforts

Gambiste delivered a new release with new GScores and 4 new GReports

Gambiste delivered a new release in august with 4 new reports

Gambiste delivered¬† a new release with some algorithms updates yesterday. There’re basically two new functionalities. With these upgrades, our reports are now more user friendly and more than ever focused on the traders’ needs.

Gambiste Score ranging from 0 to 100

The first update impacts the Gambiste Score.

Indeed, the Gambiste scores range now from 0 to 100. The more a company is tweeted, the more its score will be close to 100 and inversely. So, now Gambiste Score are normalized, daily normalized for our daily reports but other time spans are possible. The main idea here is to compare one stock to another.

A tweet volume is not a price quoted in USD or EUR. It only has value when it’s put into context with other comparable results. It sounds 100% meaningful to us but we definitely remain open to the feedbacks of our beloved early users.

Regrouping stocks by market caps

Our innovation is to weight the tweet volume by the market cap of stocks.

A company with a bigger market capitalization has usually more employees, a bigger marketing budget, better products or at least a wider range of products. That leads to more tweets on the company. We reduce this factor by weighting the daily volume of tweets by the market capitalization of the stock. We can really discover some interesting things discrepancies between Tweet volumes when they are properly weighted.

Now, it makes even more sense when we regroup the stocks in a market cap group.

We will from now on publish 4 new reports:

  1. the Big cap report
  2. The Mid cap report
  3. The Small cap report
  4. The Micro cap report

The stocks with big capitalization are valued above 10 billions. Mid caps are valued between 10 billions and 2 billions then Small caps range between 2 billions and 300 millions. Finally the Micro caps weight between 300 millions and 50 millions. Gambiste does not produce yet reports with nano caps, nonetheless that was one of the most tweeted stocks lately. Indeed with the sector of maritime transports going through a crisis, their mcaps have fallen drastically. We saw symbols like $DRYS or $TOPS on top of the global ranking for weeks.

What’s next ?

So one of our priorities is to produce a dedicated report for Alternative currencies regrouping the Cashtag used by Twitter users to speak about Virtual currencies.

The next priority is to better weight the message with several cashtags. These messages could be underweight, theirs points split between their different symbols. It would immediately reduce the impact of message created by bots with several cashtags in it.

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