Gambiste Motto

Our need is your need

As Finance Professionals, we were crawling tickers in Twitter to retrieve the best info of the day.

We searched symbol after symbol if something was going on on a stock, even more during the earnings season. This can be exhausting, so many tickers and so many bots spamming around. But we continued to do it cause Twitter provides a nice way to speak directly to other investors, share thoughts and see what’s going on in the market.

One day, we said, well maybe should we use the twitter api to retrieve the tweets, simply compute the data (maybe with one or two machine learning tricks) and then just browse between the best ticker symbols of the day smoothly, that sounds easy, no ?

The Journey

Well that was two years ago, when we started Gambiste Finance. That’s an exciting journey with many challenges and we are proud to continue to deliver new releases to our customers and our free users of the Gambiste Reports.


Gambiste Motto

At Gambiste Finance, we are committed to explore and share our products to a large audience. We focus on the creation of comprehensive social media indicator designed to better trade stocks and other types of financial instruments. These indicators must help to better undersand the impacts of social media discussions on stocks prices, trading volume, trader attentions.

Our products use the last researches done in the the field of Machine Learning, Finance and IT, nonetheless we aim to deliver simple and actionable tools for trading and to better understand the information in the social media era.

We will integrate virtual currencies in our platform. We heard lately in main stream media that $BTC and $BCH (Bitcoin Cash) could propel higher AMD or NVidia stocks. Nowadays, altcoins are just the new normal and so they deserve their own Gambiste reports.


A new report for AltCoins

We recently delivered our new report, the Alternative Currencies Top 10 weighted by market capitalization. The Alt currency Top 10 is published 4 times a day on our website. In this report, Gambiste Finance will highlight the most tweeted crypto currencies by coin capitalization . As you will see, the bitcoin is not always in the first position, some other coins are also popular on the social network.

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