Gambiste Top 10: Midday Hypest Alternative Currencies

Check out the Hypest Alternative Currencies of the day

Date Symbol Name GambisteScore
2017-09-27 BTC None 99.999876009
2017-09-27 BTC None 99.999876009
2017-09-27 XRP None 99.9996753072
2017-09-27 OMG None 99.9994066826
2017-09-27 BCH None 99.9992740603
2017-09-27 ETH None 99.999119354
2017-09-27 STRAT None 99.9986613954
2017-09-27 BCC None 99.9983335232
2017-09-27 ZEC None 99.9982150671
2017-09-27 QTUM None 99.9981092608

Principles for this new Gambiste Report

Gambiste presents the Hypest alternative currencies of the moment. This new generation report takes into account user reputation. A user with a good rating makes more points when he tweets than a spammer, simple logic. The Gambiste algorithm also integrates a mecanism to discount tweets with multiple cashtags. This is done to underweight tweets with several Cashtags.

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