Our tools to follow the volume of tweets on stocks

3 types of free services

I have developed over the time 3 types of service to better follow stocks on twitter. I made this for my own requirements. It’s really hard to have an overview on what’s moving on Twitter. Twitter has developed the #explore functionnality but if you use the twitter api, you can have easily a better grasp on what is moving, changing in real time.

Know what is moving where ever your are

My main goal with Gambiste, it’s discovering new investment ideas. Gambiste provides new ideas to me that I then analyse before incorporating them in my portfolio. You can’t rely only on Gambiste but it lets you discover what is moving, stocks like Tesla, Beyond Meat, Virging Galatic. They all have been rated AAA on gambiste before returning values to their shareholders.

The range of tools in details:

  1. A free tweet bot. Joe Gambiste lets you follow the tweet on hot stocks. This is an unbiased hedge on the market. Our tweet bots retweets the best tweets that our algorithms retrieve. This is also showing the Gambite core system, our special sauce. Gambiste retrieves tweets, it processes them with proprietary machine learning algorithms and show only the best of them. We had good traction on this tweet bot with lot of followers.
  2. A daily rating for micro, small, mid and big caps. This rating is available on our corporate twitter account. The aim of the daily rating is to show the most active stocks during the day (or during a trading session). With the daily rating, you can directly understand which stocks are moving today. This is a good rating for short term traders.
  3. The Gambiste long term rating is our best bread. The Gambiste long term rating is available on the main page of Gambiste.com. This is a rating that take into account the volume of qualified tweets on a rolling period of 3 months. The long term rating and the daily rating are market cap weighted. The market capitalization lets us compare stocks on an equal footing.

Ultra filtered

Most importantly, Gambiste is ultra filtered. That is to say, Gambiste retrieves a lot of tweets every minutes hence the stength of Gambiste comes from is filtering capabilities. It removed the sounds from the message. For instance, we filter out tweets on cryptos. It was a challenge when we started in 2015 as cryptos were booming. We like cryptos but our service focuses on US stocks. We have also a range of services which filters stocks, twitter users, twitter messages.

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