The Most Tweeted Coronavirus Stocks (with positive momentum)

We have worked on a new rating, a Most Tweeted Coronavirus Stocks rating. Its retrieves the most tweeted stocks in relation to the Coronavirus. As you know, we retrieve everyday thousands of tweets on stocks with Gambiste. Hence in the scope of the Coronavirus crisis, I have tailored our ratings to produce a sub rating, a rating focused on COVID-19. The idea is to retrieve the top stocks with the most tweets on Coronavirus. The algorithm takes into account the tweets since 30 days to create the Most Tweeted Coronavirus Stocks.

How we identify a tweet on Coronavirus ?

First of all, a tweet on Coronavirus is identified as a tweet which as at least one of the following word: #COVID19,COVID19, COVID-19, Coronavirus. If you see other words to be included, please add them in the comment sections and we will take them into account. I produce a score at tweet level and I aggregate everything at stock level at the end of the process. Similarly, we produce the Gambiste rating that you can find on our front-page.

What is the hedge of Gambiste vs standard Journalism

Most noteworthy, I use the full power of Gambiste analytics built over the years to remove all the spams and spammers. Finally, the score of the Gambiste Coronavirus rating is market capitalization weighted. To illustrate, we can compare Apple and Novavax on a the same footing by using their market capitalization. As a result, I think that you will find below the best rating you can find. Unlike the others, we produce something that is not based on an intuition but on facts.

The stocks the most tweeted in relation to Coronavirus

1$NVAXNovavax, Inc. – Common Stock103497
2$TBIOTranslate Bio, Inc. – Common Stock995732
3$INSWInternational Seaways, Inc. Common Stock1305753
4$RADRite Aid Corporation Common Stock1864064
5$TDOCTeladoc Health, Inc. Common Stock2034511
6$QGENQiagen N.V. Common Shares2552147
7$TNKTeekay Tankers Ltd.2783492
8$ZMZoom Video Communications, Inc. – Class A Common S…2945768
9$REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Common Stock3018420

Logically, we find few groups of stocks in it. First of all, we have the biotechs and the pharmaceuticals. As a matter of the fact, they are involved in the development of vaccines ($NVAX, $TBIO), treatments ($REGN) and tests ($QGEN) or the distribution of pharmaceutical products ($RAD). Uniquely Teladoc Health does the perfect bridge between healthcare and remote working. Teladoc ($TDOC) is the leader in telemedicine worldwide. In reality, the whole sector of remote working is hot. $ZM Zoom Video seems to be the leader in this sector. They had a pretty good run up to now. Zoom Video is currently the way to go to organize a video conference. Finally, we find some tankers: $INSW and $TNK. There is a lot of oil to store out of there and the tankers seem the way to go. They even speak of free oil on TV.

Some tweets on the top 3 :

1 – Novavax

2 – Translate Bio

3 – International Seaways

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