MacroGenics – Gambiste rates $MGNX AAA (08/05/2020)

MacroGenics is now rated AAA in the Long term rating of Gambiste. For the first time MacroGenics ($MGNX) is top rated on gambiste. The AAA rating is the best rating on

Gambiste rates stocks based on the volume and the quality of their tweets in Twitter. The platform has complex algorithms to evaluate the quality of these tweets to identify the most tweeted stocks in Twitter. Gambiste publishes every day two types of rating: the long term rating and the daily most tweeted stocks.

Back to MacroGenics, MGNX is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It is focused on discovering and developing innovative monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.  The company generates its pipeline based on two proprietary next-generation antibody-based platforms.

MacroGenics was quoted 20.34$ the 08/05/2020. The market capitalization of the stock was a little below 1 billion. The 52 week range was 4.04$ to 27.34$. The 1 year target was 15.44$.

MacroGenics published last Wednesday (06/05/2020) some early data on 3 trials at the #ASCO20. The tiny glimpse looked promising and this resulted in a +250% run up for MacroGenics. MGNX did a big jump and it was accompanied by a lot of tweets. It explains the new rating of MacroGenics in The biotech is now one of the best rated stock on the platform. This stock is now hot again, it will have to confirm these signals in the near future.

The gambiste rating is not at investment advice. This rating helps you identify the hottest stock on with specifics algorithms. That’s sure that Macrogenics is now back into the game. This is definitely a hot stock. Bravo to the brave investors who buoyed the stock at the beginning of may 2020. Is the stock now overpriced ?

Gambiste rates company with a market capitalization superior to 1B$ in its long term rating.

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