State of Gambiste

State of Gambiste: 3 phases

Beginning of the year is always a good moment to take some distance and summarize the efforts we did in the recent past. Gambiste has been active since 2015. We have achieved many things in the recent past. I would say that we went through 3 phases: initialization, construction and resilience. Let’s got back into this before developing on current state.

Initialization phase

During the initialization phase of the project, in the two first years, we came with the simple idea and gave my first answers. The question was (and still is): Which stocks are trending ? This is a simple question but simpler questions are the hardest to answer. How to follow stocks ? How to compare apple to apple in the stock world ? What to do with spams ? We had the competences in finance, technology and social media to address this so just started on this basis and tried to have practical answers.

Construction phase

When we had the skeleton of the initial phase, we started to industrialized the process of Gambiste. We worked at scale and released new products: the gambiste long term rating and the daily gambiste for various market caps. It was an exciting period where we could develop the logical blocs that we administer today. We never focused on the front end, always on the value powering the backend. You need to ship, ship, ship.

At core Gambiste is made to serve personal use. Something that we built for our purpose; detecting trending stocks efficiently, robustly, independently. An example; in June 2019, we created the Twitter account @Gambiste1. We never expected to have follower on this one, our main account being @GambisteFinance. Still, Joe (@Gambist1e) has a great success and we have now 9500 followers (people who follow a bot that has retweeted more than 1 million tweets, surprising). It has been built for us but we are also experts of those use cases, we love it, and this is make the difference. We like the tool we built and we share it !

Resilience phase

In the last phase, the resilience phase, we worked on the infrastructure. This phase is particularly important. It allows us to be always online. I have worked this last 3 months on an end to end backup procedure that guarantee the continuity of Gambiste even in the worst case thawed do not wish for. We need to protect what we have achieved.

The near future

That’s it is for the moment, that’s what we have achieved. We will keep you posted on our priorities. I think that investing some time in the front end would be cool. I will have a look on this !

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