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Most Tweeted Stocks Today by Market Capitalization

Delivering Unique Data

We are proud to deliver today a unique ranking. Gambiste Financials releases today, the most tweeted stock by market capitalization. This article describes why it matters and how we built this new service.

Where we want to go ?

Our goal is to develop a valuable indicator of stock attractiveness. We think that stock opinions shared through social media are valuable. This subject is discussed by recent papers published in academic research journals.  What if we were the first to aggregate this content in one indicator ? An indicator designed to rate the actual stock attractiveness. This is what we provide today,. The first public indicator mixing traditional signals (like stock quotes and actual market capitalization) and social media data.

Discover which stock are really trending

We worked hard at Gambiste to deliver swiftly this new ranking. It takes into account the tweet volume scores calculated by our algorithms for stocks listed on the NASDAQ. We also retrieve from the NASDAQ the official market capitalization by stock. In this new list, we provide the stock with the best tweet volume for their market capitalizations.  In addition, our applications deliver several times by day a TOP 10 reports on Twitter. Follow our account @GambisteFinance on Twitter.

Weighted by Market Capitalization:

Why ?  The aim is to compare the Gambist Financials Tweet Score on a comparable scale.

If we speak about the AmazonTweet Score or the Halozyme Therapeutics tweet score. $AMZN is one of the biggest company in the world that you probably know. At first this was only an online book shop . $HALO is a pharmaceutical company specializing in oncology with a 1 billion market capitalization. $AMZN is worth hundreds of billions. $HALO is worth 2 billions. So our algorithms scale the number of tweets observerd on a company by its market capitalization.

We firmly believe that a company with a bigger market capitalization draws more attention, in overall. This attention leads to more tweets thus we normalized our tweet volume score by the Market Capitalization to mitigate its impact. We update this market capitalization every day with NASDAQ data to reflect accurate numbers.


Now, we highlight the fact that the Tweet volume score is only an evaluation of the social media activity for a given symbol. This indicator can deviate somehow of the real volume on Twitter at the present time (e.g. if there is a spike of activity on the social network). This indicator takes all tweets including to a stock symbol ($MOSY, $TOPS). This includes the tweets produced by bots.

A Tweet Volume Indicator:

We are pleased to be the first company to deliver the first Tweet volume indicator weighted  by Market Capitalization. This indicator is so useful to detect events realized or in construction and discover new trends, new gems. We hope that you will like it as we do. In a near future, we will provide to our users new tools to measure the correlation between the market capitalization size and the social media volume score using new proprietary algorithms.